Colloidal Minerals XL with Fulvic Acid

Undisputedly the best mineral supplement available today

A Rich Source of Bio Available Minerals, Trace Elements & Amino Acids in a liquid high in Fulvic & Humic Acid

Note : The RFL XL product is produced using ultra filtered mountain spring water free of any residual impurities.

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Colloidal Minerals XL with Fulvic Acid

Important: When taking the RFL XL product make sure not to use water or juices which contain chlorine!

Chlorine reacts negatively when mixed with humic substances especially fulvic acid, causing the production of deadly carcinogenic THMs and MX. The water treatment industry has known about this for many years, and because of this they try to remove humic substances from culinary water before treating it with chlorine. This situation is very well documented. Chlorine is the deadly culprit, not the humic substances.

Many companies selling fulvic and humic based products do not know about this problem, and may be extracting their health supplements using chlorinated water. This presents a dangerous situation to public health. Furthermore, it is important that health supplements NOT be mixed or taken with culinary water that could be chlorinated, or with juices reconstituted with chlorinated water.

Chlorine is a deadly chemical, and has the same dangerous results when it comes into direct contact with many of the extremely valuable phytochemicals contained in fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbal extracts. It makes good common sense to avoid chlorine as much as possible.

Its all about Oxygen and Fulvic Trace Elements