Fulvic acid vital to nutrition

Fulvates are essential and vital to nutrition and are nature's "life force" energy. These water-soluble and fat-soluble organic electrolytes are substances that dissolve in tissues and are capable of conducting an electrical charge. Once complexed with Fulvates, the subcolloidal, ionized minerals and nutrients are delivered to the gastro-intestinal system for easy transportation through the intestinal walls. They are then carried throughout the body in the bloodstream, where they are easily transported through the thin, semi-permeable cell walls.

Inside the cell, ionic minerals are conveyed by cellular fluid known as cytoplasm. Within the cytoplasm, these ionic minerals combine with enzymes to activate them. This activated enzyme is then primed to build proteins-the building blocks of cellular life.

The fulvate mineral complex can now provide a substantial electric charge to sustain cellular life, much like a low-powered battery receiving an additional charge of energy.

After transporting their load of ionized minerals and nutrients to body cells where they can be converted into energy, Fulvates exit the cells. As they exit, they bind to any toxic heavy metals that may exist in the cytoplasm of the cell. Like a sub-atomic subway, fulvates transport nutrients into cells and then remove toxic heavy metals from cells, where they can be eliminated as waste from the body.

Thus, fulvates serve a dual role within the human body. As donors, fulvates deliver life force energy, that is, substantial electrical energy, minerals, and other nutrients to the body. As acceptors, fulvates clear out toxins, energy-depleted nutrients, and exhausted minerals from the cell.


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