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Stimulate, nourish, and repair thyroid function with nature's remedies while relieving deadly symptoms; fulvic acid offers hope

Natural therapies can prevent and treat thyroid disease, including hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), Graves Disease and Wilson's Syndrome, which are the underlying causes of many serious illnesses.

A prime objective for anyone with a thyroid problem is to eliminate intake of all toxins, while removing toxic build-up within the body. Thyroid malfunction, both overactive and underactive, is generally due to autoimmune response by the body. This is where the body's immune system produces antibodies which attack the gland because the tissues seem foreign to the body. Normal hormone production is upset. Generally, the cause is due to build-up of dangerous toxins, chlorinated substances, viruses, pathogens, infections, pesticides, altered enzymes or hormones, etc., in the tissues of the thyroid gland. Such conditions can also cause lumps, tumors, and cancer.

Outpatient medical hospital studies on overactive thyroid had 90.9% cure rate within a six month period when patients were treated with a fulvic acid medication.

Yuan, Shenyuan; Tongren Hospital, Beijing; Fulvic Acid, 4 (1988)

Your first line of defense is to start supplementation with an appropriate high quality fulvic acid preparation. Fulvic acid is a natural water soluble substance of plant origin. It contains many healing phytochemicals and enzymes which readily disperse throughout the body, even to the interior of cells. Clinical medical school and hospital studies show that specially prepared fulvic acid extracts regulate abnormal thyroid hormone secretion as a result of their ability to regulate RNA and DNA (cyclic nucleotides) at the cellular level. Similar studies also show that fulvic acids act as immunomodulators, regulating immune system function.

Fulvic acids are one of the safest and most powerful antiviral substances known. Although they are not antibiotics in the technical sense of the word, as prescription drugs are, their antibiotic-like effect is comparable to the power of penicillin in equally small amounts. Unlike antibiotics, fulvic acids may be used indefinitely without creating any antibiotic resistant strains of disease which are common problems with pharmaceutical drugs.

Humic extracts, especially fulvic acids, provide a natural chelation therapy. They detoxify the body, the liver, and the digestive tract, by attaching to toxic build-up, including heavy metals, chlorination by-products, etc., where they disarm, neutralize, and remove them as waste products. Fulvic acids also work as nature's most powerful antioxidants, neutralizing dangerous free radicals, as well as supplying hormone stimulating micronutrients.

Outpatient medical hospital studies on thyroid tumors, using fulvic acid, had a 90% success rate, with 80% having complete cures.

He, Shenyi, et al; Humic acid in Jiangxi Province, 1 (1982)

The underactive thyroid gland requires sufficient organic iodine to function properly. Organic means that it must come from a plant source, as part of a carbon molecule. High quality, safe, and readily available iodine is found in fulvic acid. Another safe and effective supplemental source of iodine comes from kelp. A dose even as high as 2,000 to 3,000 mg of kelp daily is safe and effective.

Avoid chlorine and fluoride like the plague, including fluoride found in toothpaste and added to drinking water. The phosphoric acid used in soft drinks can also contain fluorine, which is equally implicated. Chlorine, flourine, and fluoride are chemically related to iodine, and compete with it, blocking iodine receptors in the thyroid gland.

Thyroid hormone is made from tyrosine, an amino acid that the body readily converts from phenylalanine, an essential amino acid. The body breaks down proteins, turning them into these and many other amino acids. Poor quality protein intake or conversion problems during digestion and metabolism can limit tyrosine intake. This is especially true with people that have PKU (phenylketoneuria), a condition where their body cannot properly convert phenylalanine to tyrosine. Low blood plasma levels of tyrosine have been associated with low thyroid. Tyrosine is best taken on an empty stomach, with purified water or fruit juice. Adult daily dosage for thyroid supplementation is about 1,000 mg, taken independent of milk or other protein foods, preferably an hour before meals.

It is a well-known fact that an excess of one mineral can cause a deficiency in another. A high amount of copper in the body is common to reduced thyroid function. Too much copper can inhibit the function of zinc, which is essential to the thryroid conversion process along with manganese, iodine, iron, and selenium. Fulvic acids in the diet assist with maintaining proper balance. They chelate and remove excess copper (or other minerals or heavy metals), and help to nourish by supplying safe natural organic plant forms of minerals in the proper balance as nature intended.

Studies have shown that guggulsterone extracts from the Indian herb Commiphora mukul can increase the concentration of thyroid hormones in the blood. The herb is especially effective in increasing the ratio of the active T3 form of thyroid (triiodothyronine) to T4 (thyroxine). A corresponding and significant decrease in normal liver damage by free radicals was noticed, which is most interesting considering the fact that the liver is the principal site where T4 thyroid is stored and T3 thyroid is generated. Due to the natural increase in thyroid hormone function, and possibly other factors, guggulsterones have been used to treat overweight patients. During those double-blind clinical studies, a significant fall in serum cholesterol was noticed. Thryroid hormone studies with forskolin extract of the Indian herb Commiphora mukul, have shown increased thyroid production.

Other studies on patients with low thyroid have shown that body DHEA levels are below normal. DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), is a naturally occurring steroid secreted from the adrenal gland. Some researchers believe that supplementation with DHEA might assist in stimulating thyroid production and alleviating symptoms.

Another highly successful approach for underactive thyroid conditions, or hypothyroidism, is to supplement with a natural desiccated thyroid glandular. This is best obtained from a source other than pharmaceutical, because most thyroid replacement drug therapies are synthetic. The best natural glandulars come from livestock raised organically in New Zealand, where extremely careful control against animal diseases is maintained. Studies show that when used properly, these natural glandulars can help revive the body's thyroid function.  With the use of natural glandulars, reduction, or even possible eventual elimination of the need for supplemental thyroid may be achieved.

Scientific and medical studies show that there is hope to naturally repair and restore proper thyroid function. When the body has been cleansed and has accumulated proper levels of nutrients, the thyroid has a chance to begin working again. In many cases, nutritional therapists have seen that thyroid function resumes after only a few months, evident as body temperature begins to rise. A careful and cautious nutritional approach, with low levels of natural thyroid glandular supplements and the nutrients and procedures outlined in this article  will provide the best and safest treatment possible.

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