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Treating thyroid tumor with Fulvic acid

Report on ten case studies

Thyroid tumor, a commonly seen ailment, has been treated by thyroidectomy surgical procedure (thyroid gland removal).

From March 1977 to April 1980, Dr. Shenyi He and his coworkers treated 10 patients with fulvic acid. The results were successful. Follow up visits with the patients showed that in eight cases the tumor disappeared without relapse. Details are listed below:

Clinical data:

Number of patients: 3 cases male and 7 cases female patients

Age: 17 to 36

Size and location of the growth: 3-4 cm x 4-5 cm, next to the narrow band of the thyroid gland; 7 cases leaning left, three leaning right.

Time lapse between first detection of the tumor and when treatment began: 1 week to 10 years.

Treatment: 1 case study: fulvic acid syrup; 6 case studies: fulvic acid tablets and fulvic acid injections; 3 cases: fulvic acid tablets, fulvic acid injections, and fulvic acid injection applied into tumor growth.


The female patients with thyroid tumor were under 40 years of age. Tumors of all sizes and shaped round or oval were observed and had a firmer texture than the normal gland. Its shape was better defined and slow growing. There was no pain when pressure was applied. It went up and down when food was being swallowed. Patients rarely experience any discomfort and thyroid functions were all tested normal.

Standards for evaluation of the therapeutic effects:

Cured: After three courses of treatment, the tumor disappears; Effective: After three courses of treatment, most of or part of the tumor shrinks; Not cured: After three courses of treatment, the tumor remains the same size.

Methods of treatment:

1. The regimen consisted of 20 days of three times a day intake of 10 ml syrup containing 50% fulvic acid. The same regimen is repeated another two times.

2. The regimen consists of 20 days of intramuscular injection with a 2 ml dosage containing 0.20% fulvic acid twice daily.

3. One injection in the tumor region, 4 ml of 4% fulvic acid.

4. The regimen consists of 20 days of taking fulvic acid tablets (0.3 x 4#), three times a day.

Source of material:

The preparation room of the Humic acid purification factory at Ruichang School prepares the fulvic acid syrup. People's Hospital in Ruichang County manufactures fulvic acid tablets and the solutions for fulvic acid injections.

Analysis of Therapeutic effect:

Within this case study group: Two patients after one course of treatment found their tumor to have disappeared; four patients found their tumor to have disappeared after two courses of treatment; two found their tumor to have disappeared after three courses of treatment; one patient did not complete the treatment; one patient after one course of treatment found the size of the tumor reduced, it was followed by surgically removing the growth.


The thyroid tumor is a follicular adenomas. It is shaped like a pocket with the inner wall as shrunken follicles, some appear solid, arranged randomly, partially fiber-like, possibly due to the action of fulvic acid. Complete cure: 80%; effective: 10%; no effect: 10% (The patient treated with surgical procedures was not included in these statistics.)

Case studies:

Case 1:   Ms. Wang, 34 years old, is a married factory worker. In March 1977 she experienced soreness in her elbows and discomfort in her neck . A growth the size of a ping-pang ball was found in her neck. She was examined as a outpatient and diagnosed as having a thyroid tumor. After being treated with fulvic acid syrup for two months, the tumor shrank and eventually disappeared. Follow-up visits showed there was no recurrence.

Case 2:   Ms. Zhou is a 36 year old peasant, married. In October 1978 she discovered a growth in the front of her neck. Examination showed that the tumor had a size of 4 x 5 cm, detectable near the left side of the narrow band. It was soft to the touch. It had a defined shape and did not hurt when pressure was applied. It went up and down when food was being swallowed. She was diagnosed as having thyroid tumor. After a month's treatment using fulvic acid injection together with fulvic acid tablets, the lump disappeared.

Case 3:   Ms. Tan, 22 years old, is a teacher in a private school. In April 1977, a lump as big as an egg was found in her neck area. She felt inhibited when breathing. After three regimens with fulvic acid intramuscular injection, the lump was reduced in size. There has not since been a relapse.

Case 4:   Mr. Liang, 17 years old, is a student. The growth in his neck was discovered 6 years ago. It was located in the center leaning towards to the right, its size 3 x 3 cm. Treatment started on April 2, 1979, consisting of fulvic acid injection together with fulvic acid tablets. One month later the lump began to shrink and two months later it disappeared. Follow-up visits showed there was no recurrence.

Case 5:   Ms. Luo is a 30 year old married woman. For over a month she felt there was a lump in her neck and her throat felt itchy. A tumor with a size of 3 x 3 cm was detected upon examination, detectable near the left side of the narrow band. It had a medium firmness to the touch and when pressure was applied, it did not hurt. It moved up and down when food was being swallowed. After two regimens of fulvic acid treatment beginning on December 20, 1979, the lump disappeared.

Points of understanding:

1. All 10 cases were out-patient treatments. Before and after treatment, no other medicine was used. The disappearance of tumor is without doubt the results of using fulvic acid.

2. According to related reports, fulvic acid has a anti-viral effect. It heals cancer and allows the thyroid gland to be normal again.

3. The disappearance of the thyroid tumor may be related to the inhibition towards thyroid tumor cells, relating to the inhibition of its uncontrollable growth.

4. Patients feel fine during treatment, free of any discomfort.

5. The treatment is simple and the cost of medicine is low. The patients are freed of suffering from surgery and its related complications. Patients do not need to lose work time.

6. Based on limited case study, injections with syrup together with tablets give fast results.

7. To ensure best result, the patient is required to take the whole course of treatment without interruption.


Shenyi He, et al; Humic acid in Jiangxi Province, 1 (1982). In: Application of Fulvic acid and its derivatives in the fields of agriculture and medicine ; Chapter 34; First Edition: June 1993.


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