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Common Virus Shows Link To Brain Cancer In Children

Colon, penile, uterine, cervical, liver, and numerous other cancers are also caused by viruses

February 21, 2002

A new study appearing today in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, shows that the JC Virus (JCV) which infects about 65% of children by age 14, likely plays a role in the development of the most common type of malignant brain tumor found in children. This finding is consistent with many other recent reports linking viruses to cancer.

The JC Virus is named after a patient, John Cunningham, from whom the virus was first isolated in the 1970's. According to the senior author of the study, Dr. Kamel Khalili, the JC Virus "is very common," and he went on to say that "sixty-five to 70 percent of human populations worldwide get infected with this virus by age 14, so we all basically have this virus in our bodies."

Twenty specimens of brain tumors taken from children showed evidence of the JC Virus. Dr. Khalili says that "the presence of the virus... is suggestive of a biological role for this virus in the development of these tumors." Khalili, who is a cancer researcher at Philadelphia's Temple University, said that earlier lab studies show that the JC Virus causes cancer in rats, mice, and brain tumors in certain monkeys.

The JC virus comes from a viral group called Neutropic Polyomaviruses. It usually infects the upper respiratory system by inhalation of airborne particles just like the common cold. Polyomavirus caused respiratory infections are very common in children. The virus causes no serious disease unless a person's immune system is weak. In patients with very weak or destroyed immune systems (such as AIDS patients, or those who are taking organ anti-rejection drugs), according to Dr. Khalili, the JC Virus can cause progressive Multifocal Leukoenchephalopathy (PML), a fatal brain disease. Dr. Khalili says that evidence suggests that JC Virus also plays a role in the development of the most common brain cancer in children, medulloblastoma. This type of cancer is diagnosed annually in about one out of every 200,000 children under the age of 15. It is a very aggressive cancer that is difficult to treat and often is fatal. Dr. Khalili says that if it can be conclusively proven that JC virus does play role in the brain cancer, then it may be possible to develop a vaccine that could help in treating the tumor or preventing its spread.

Studies by Dr. L. Laghi and associates have shown that JC Polyoma Virus also causes colon cancer.  In other extensive research Dr. Richard C. Hunt, at the University of South Carolina, has documented many other viruses as the cause for colon, penile, uterine, cervical, liver, and numerous other cancers.

This information provides support for the idea that humic substances (fulvic acids) are a little-known and important missing link throughout the food chain.  Modern agricultural practices have eliminated the humic substances from farm soil, which parallels increases in viral plant, animal, and human viral infections.  Common to rich organic soil humus, fulvic acids have been shown to have unequalled value in defending plants, animals, and man against viruses of all kinds, and also in significantly increasing and balancing immunity. Of interest is also the fact that hospital studies in China showed that children with serious respiratory infections responded exceptionally well to humic - fulvic extracts when nothing else seemed to work.


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