Reach For Life is proud to announce the introduction of their new Fulvic Acid & Humates Products


My name is Martin Roschach, Director of Reach for Life P/L. We have searched for the most complete product for plant and animal nutrition for a number of years. We have found what we believe is the most comprehensive source of Fulvic and Humic acid incorporating more than 77minerals as well as a number of Amino Acids.

We have produced a series of products based on extensive medical research from around the world. Our new products are created from volcanic cinders, humates, and extracts from humic acid.


Volcanic cinders are the end products of ancient volcanic eruptions and flows. They contain a concentrated blend of all the minerals found in the depths of the earth. The mineral content of volcanic cinders has been known for years, but they are in a metallic form which is not useable in human metabolism.

In order to be safely used in human nutrition, minerals need to be chelated. This normally occurs in plants where metals are bound to amino acids with proteins and water, thus making them available to animals and humans. Unfortunately, many of the minerals and trace elements which contemporary research is showing are necessary for full health are no longer readily available in our soils. Modern farming methods have not replaced these in our soils, and so these minerals and elements are not available to the plants we grow for our food. The result is that they are not available to us in the food we eat. Indeed, recent studies conducted at various agricultural collages and universities show that today's fruits and vegetables are lacking in all 77 minerals and trace elements with most samples containing 30 or less.

Humate is found in areas where dense prehistoric vegetation grew. These deposits of vegetation were covered by mud, silt or sand which sealed and concentrated the minerals and acid complexes in huge layers of humic shale or humate.

Humate is a natural chelator (or pre-digester) of minerals, as well as a naturally occurring source of chelated minerals and highly sought after amino acids. Thus the combination of volcanic cinders and humate provides a method of releasing substantial amounts of minerals which are suitable for human consumption.

In contrast, many other mineral supplements offer minerals which are not organic or natural. Others offer natural minerals which are not in a bio-available form, resulting in a decreased absorption rate at best. Often, these products are completely useless.


Also found in humate is humic acid. Humic Acid is a generic term for a complex of acids found in decaying plants. These acids are used in the chelation process. They also are the source of one of the most exciting health discoveries in recent times: Fulvic Acid.

Fulvic acid, when extracted and concentrated, provides an immediate and intense boost to the immune system, and has been shown in world wide research to be effective in treating a wide range of diseases.

Fulvic acid is only one of the substances in humate, however. Humic substances comprise an immense arsenal of powerful phytochemicals, biochemicals, enzymes, amino acids, hormones and antioxidants, to list just a few.

What this means is that humate and all the acids and substances in it, provide one of the most powerful and easily assimilated supplements for our overall health.


It is and always has been the purpose of Reach for Life P/L to develop and market affordable mineral products which are highly effective.

  • The re-mineralization of our bodies
  • The re-mineralization of our livestock
  • The re-mineralization of our produce
  • The re-mineralization of our top soils

Its all about Oxygen and Fulvic Trace Elements