In the late 80s a NASA scientist experimenting with the electrode extraction of hydrogen from water found that he could neutralize the acidic oxygen residue with sea salt. To his surprise he found that he had inadvertently stumbled across a completely natural technique to stabilize oxygen. His discovery, Di-atomic oxygen, could deliver 30 times more oxygen than tap water. NASA never commercially developed this although it was widely used in the space program. In recent years Reach for Life Intl. P/L has improved upon the process and the result is a potent oxygen supplement.

Aids in achieving elevated oxygen saturation in the blood and cellular level. Effective against pathogens in the body.   
Oxyrich Technical Data  

The original, the best and most affordable formulated Di-Atomic Oxygen Supplement

Available in 4 sizes 50 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml & litre bottles

Containing 5% O2 v/v Bio-Available Oxygen  

10 Years Young Going from Strength to Strength

Who may find benefit from taking Oxyrich?

  • Just about everyone! Especially:
  • Smokers
  • Air travellers
  • Short distance and long haul drivers
  • People who have high stress lives and jobs
  • Active people of all ages
  • People who live, work or play in unhealthy environments
  • Its also a great boost after a night on the grog

Its all about Oxygen and Fulvic Trace Elements